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Top Things to Look for When Collecting Takashi Murakami Prints

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If you’re considering diving into the world of contemporary art collecting, one name that should undoubtedly be on your radar is Takashi Murakami. As an artist who has not only redefined the boundaries of contemporary art but has also played a significant role in bridging the gap between high art and popular culture, Murakami's prints are an excellent choice for both seasoned collectors and those just starting their journey. In this article, we'll share some key insights on what to look for when collecting Takashi Murakami prints.

Born in Tokyo in 1962, Murakami is one of the most influential contemporary artists of our time. He is often credited with pioneering the Superflat movement, a term he coined himself. This art movement combines traditional Japanese art with contemporary pop culture, characterised by its flat, two-dimensional aesthetic. Murakami's work is a fusion of traditional Japanese painting, anime, manga, and Western pop culture, making it both visually captivating and thought-provoking.

Authenticity and provenance: When investing in Murakami prints, authenticity is paramount. Look for pieces that come with proper documentation, including certificates of authenticity or provenance records. Ensure that the print is signed and numbered by the artist where possible, as this can add to its value.

Limited Editions: Many of Murakami's prints are released in limited editions. Limited-edition prints are more valuable because of their scarcity. Pay attention to the edition size and the number of the print you're considering purchasing.

Condition: Examine the condition of the print carefully. Prints that are well-preserved and in excellent condition tend to appreciate more over time. Avoid prints with visible damage or fading.

Iconic characters: Murakami's art often features iconic characters like Mr. DOB, Kaikai and Kiki, and flower motifs. Consider whether the print features one of these beloved characters, as they tend to be more sought after by collectors.

Market Trends: Stay informed about the current trends in the art market. Research recent auction sales of Murakami prints to gauge the demand and market value. This can help you make informed decisions about your collection.

Takashi Murakami | Lougher Contemporary


Takashi Murakami's art holds notable investment potential. With his ongoing collaborations (with renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton and musicians like Kanye West), exhibitions, and global recognition, the demand for Murakami's art remains robust, further supporting its investment potential. His pieces have achieved remarkable auction results, with several works reaching impressive prices. Notable auction highlights include the sale of "Miss Ko2" (1997) for over $6 million and "Flower Ball" (2002) for approximately $3.5 million. These auction successes reflect the enduring appeal of Murakami's art in the global market.

In conclusion, Takashi Murakami’s work continues to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide, and with careful consideration of the factors mentioned above, you can embark on a rewarding journey of collecting Murakami's iconic prints. With advice and support from our expert team, Lougher Contemporary can help you navigate the process of collecting your next Murakami print. Whether it’s a piece available on our website or a helping you source a specific work, we do the hard work so you can focus on the excitement of developing your collection.

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