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Why Private Sales?

Collecting art is a personal journey. At Lougher we are committed to understanding your tastes and your art collecting goals. Through the Lougher private sales team, you can gain access to a curated selection of exceptional artworks that are not available to the public.

We do this through our extensive network of private clients, galleries and advisors. Through our contacts we can grant you exclusive access to rare and sought-after artworks to elevate your collection to new heights.

Our private sales team has access to the top art fairs and are regular attendees at Art Basel, Frieze and more.

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We handle every aspect of the transaction with meticulous attention to detail, from initial consultation to secure transactions.

Our goal is to work on the basis of full transparency. This includes a detailed breakdown of costs, underpinned by contracting that seeks to mitigate risks for all parties.

Our private sales service starts for works with a value over £50,000.

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Unrivalled Discretion.

At Lougher, we understand the importance of privacy for high-end art acquisitions.

We pride ourselves on doing everything within our means to ensure complete confidentiality, allowing you to explore and acquire artworks with peace of mind.

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Acquiring works from auction.

Some of our greatest success stories have been acquiring art works from auction, whether we are buying the gallery or for our clients.

Buying from auction can be exciting and rewarding. It does however require patience.

Lougher can help you overcome the issues encountered when purchasing through auction, including:

- Hidden costs
- Condition
- Local and International Logistics
- Import complications

With our sourcing service we aim to take the pain out of the process. We are here to use our experience to support you.

Contact our private sales team

Explore our current availability of artworks and unlock a world of possibilities for your art collection. We want you to experience the best the art world has to offer.

We will be in touch to book in an initial consultation.

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