FAQS for Collectors

Buying art online needn't be a daunting experience but we appreciate that you might have some questions before you commit to your purchase.

We've compiled answers to some frequently asked customer questions and we hope you find the information you need.

If you have a more specific question, then feel free to drop us a message using our instant messenger app or using our contact page. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What do you mean by art sold on consignment?
Can you organise framing?
Do you guarantee artwork authenticity?
Do you ship worldwide?
How will my artwork be shipped?
What are your shipping costs?
Condition Guide
Why am I being asked for ID prior to shipping?
How sustainable is your postage and packaging?
Are artworks insured during transit?
What if an artwork arrives damaged?
What if I'm unsatisfied with my purchase?
Do I have to pay import duty and taxes if I order from outside the UK?
Can I request a VAT invoice?
I have been contacted advising that your bank details have changed. Can this be trusted?

We are pleased to offer a selection of editions and multiples available on consignment. Consignments are artworks sold on behalf of our clients. This means they're not available to buy directly through our website at checkout. 

If you are interested in an artwork that we are selling on consignment, please fill out the form or contact us by email and a member of our gallery team will confirm the artwork’s availability with our consignor and get back to you as soon as possible with further details.

For works which are sold unframed, we don't offer a framing service as it can significantly increase the cost of shipping and adds additional risk. We advise you to frame locally in order to keep the cost and risk of shipping down and, of course, because framing is a personal preference.

Yes, we guarantee that all artworks bought from Lougher Contemporary are genuine and authentic. We conduct detailed checks on all artworks prior to buying them and pride ourselves on our diligence and market knowledge. Please refer to our Refund Policy and Terms of Business for further details.

Yes, we ship worldwide. At checkout, you will be asked for your shipping address and a quote is automatically generated to give you the total price payable. It is your responsibility to provide an accurate delivery address and to advise us of any special shipping instructions at the point of sale or immediately after.

All artworks are professionally packed to the highest standards by trained gallery professionals or our experienced logistics partners. We work in partnership with DHL, Pack and Send and Flight Logistics to offer the highest standard of service, offering both speed and efficiency as well as quality. Shipping days are currently Tuesday and Fridays each week, unless specified otherwise on the individual artwork listing. 

If you are a buying an artwork direct from our website you will receive free shipping to any address in the UK. If you live outside the UK, we offer a flat rate for shipping, as follows:

EU: £85
US: £150
Rest of the world: £150

If you order an artwork that is high value (£5,000 or more) or sold on consignment from one of our clients, shipping costs will vary and be confirmed at point of sale.

Our art handlers work hard to provide the most accurate condition reports and below we have elobrated on a few terms we use when talking about the condition of artworks.

Pristine - The piece shows signs of ageing though we consider this print to be in excellent condition given its age.

Since 10 January 2020, the 5th EU Money Laundering Directive has required art market professionals, including secondary market dealers (under which Lougher Contemporary falls), to undertake anti-money laundering checks on all buyers who acquire a work of art priced at €10,000 or more (or have acquired more than one work of art with an aggregate price of €10,000 or more). We take our responsibility to comply with anti-money laundering regulations seriously and we ask you to respect this. While we recognise that it may be a minor inconvenience, if we ask you for proof of identification and confirmation of address, please understand that this is now a requirement placed on us by law.

We are committed to the environment and are always working on ways to make the brand and what we do more environmentally friendly. Currently, we offer DHL Green shipping rates, paying the extra to go green. We also use biodegradable packing peanuts, as well as keeping all packing material to a minimum to reduce waste. This is an ongoing process and wherever possible we will try to offer the greenest solution to logistics.

Get in touch if they have ideas on how we can improve after they've received a parcel from us.

If we arrange the shipping (which is typically the case when buying from us), we insure all artworks for their full value. We kindly ask you to notify us straightaway in the event of damage or loss in transit. 

In the unlikely event that an artwork arrives damaged, please contact us immediately. If there is any noticeable damage to the packaging, please do not open it to inspect the artwork but contact us immediately for advice on next steps. Under our Terms of Business, it is the Buyer's responsibility to notify us of any damage within 5 working days. If you contact us after 5 days, we cannot accept responsibility for damage to the artwork as it will be difficult to prove when the damage occurred.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your purchase, send us an email as soon as possible and we'll get back to you. We'll be happy to advise further and discuss your options. 

Buyers ordering from outside of the UK may be required to pay import duty and/or taxes. Please note that any import taxes or duty are the responsibility of the buyer - this includes EU-based clients from 1 January 2021. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for import tax and/or duty charged by your local tax authority if you are importing a work of art ordered from us into your country.

If you are buying through a UK-based VAT registered business, please contact us to confirm whether we are selling with full VAT in the price (20%) or under the margin scheme. Please note that most of the artworks we sell are sold under the margin scheme, so you will not be able to reclaim VAT on the purchase. Full details on how this scheme works can be found on the HMRC website.

In the interests of fraud prevention, please note that our contact details and bank details will not change. If you ever receive correspondence suggesting that they have, please contact us immediately by manually entering our phone number +44 (0) 117 959 6411. We further advise that you contact us to confirm that we have received your payment (if not paying through the website). We take every reasonable precaution to prevent fraud, and we cannot be held liable for payments made to fraudulent third parties.