Damien Hirst ‘The Beautiful Paintings’

Damien Hirst's 'The Beautiful Paintings'

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In the realm of contemporary art, Damien Hirst has always been an artist of considerable controversy and innovation. With each new series, he pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, challenging preconceived notions and redefining what it means to be a modern artist. In 2023, Hirst unveiled a body of work titled 'The Beautiful Paintings,' a series that captivated the art world. This article explores the release, creation process, and the profound inspiration behind Damien Hirst's ‘The Beautiful Paintings.’

About Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is a renowned British contemporary artist known for his provocative and groundbreaking contributions to the art world. Born in Bristol in 1965, he gained international recognition in the 1990s as one of the leading figures of the Young British Artists (YBA) movement. Hirst is celebrated for his diverse body of work, which includes installations, paintings, sculptures, and his iconic 'Spot Paintings.' His art explores themes of life, death, and the fragility of existence, and it challenges conventional notions of art, often sparking controversy and intense debate. Damien Hirst's innovative and boundary-pushing approach has made a lasting impact on contemporary art, and his work continues to captivate and challenge audiences worldwide.

Damien Hirst Spin Painting | Lougher Contemporary
A Damien Hirst “Spin” painting makes a splashy statement in the dining area of Sue Hostetler’s Aspen home designed by Sara Story. PHOTO: DAVID MARLOW

The History Of The Spin Paintings

The spin paintings began as a collaboration between Hirst and Angus Fairhurst in 1993 at the iconic event ‘A Fete Worse than Death,’ where the two dressed as clowns and produced the first spin paintings. The curator Gregor Muir has recalled: “Using an inverted electric drill and a piece of wood onto which they could fasten sheets of paper, Fairhurst and Hirst set up a spin painting stall – an idea borrowed from a once popular children’s game using painting and an old record player cranked up to 78rpm. A spin painting cost £1 to produce and was signed by both artists on the reverse. In Hirst’s case, the idea proved too useful to be left behind, resulting in his subsequent ‘Spin Paintings’.”


The second half of the series’ title, ‘The Action of the World on Things’ derives from a phrase the artist coined in 1999 when he was clarifying the origins of his spot paintings. He distinguished two aspects of his work: “an involvement with death and decay, and ideas and life: the action of the world on things exists somewhere, and the colour exists somewhere else. And it’s fantastic.” In A Spin, The Action Of The World Upon Things is said to unite these two elements of Hirst’s work.

“Every time they’re finished, I’m desperate to do another one”

Damien Hirst

What are the The Beautiful Paintings?

The Beautiful Paintings are a revolutionary new artwork from Damien Hirst that blurs the boundaries between digital and physical art creation using generative and machine learning algorithms. Marking the newest iteration of Hirst’s iconic ‘Spin Paintings’, known for their energetic splashes of colour, The Beautiful Paintings gave collectors the opportunity to choose their own combination of colours, styles, shapes, sizes, and mediums to generate unique artworks and titles.

Collectors had the option to generate the artwork either as a physical artwork, digital artwork (NFT), or both. The physical artworks were then printed on canvas. Each artwork in the series is unique and the physical artworks are each hand-signed with a paint pen on the front by Damien Hirst.

How were these works made?

Generative Algorithm

In order to create this project Damien Hirst worked closely with a data science team for over a year to create a generative algorithm that digitally constructs artworks in 25 unique styles, developing and pushing the boundaries of what normal 'Spin Paintings' look like. The algorithm is written in p5.js, a JavaScript library, and is stored on-chain. A variety of techniques including WEBGL shaders, Perlin noise and trigonometric functions are used to create paint layers that mirror the defined yet unpredictable motion of paint as it moves across a canvas.



To create the artwork titles, a modern transformer neural network model was trained on data that was curated from a dependency parser that interprets objects and forms description pairs derived from a large textual data input set. The model allows for a never-ending variety of new and unseen titles that follow the format of Hirst's existing 'Spin Paintings'.



Upscaling Algorithm

Before being printed as physical artworks, the generated artworks are upscaled to a resolution of 16K using a machine learning algorithm. A generative adversarial network was fine-tuned on a historical catalogue of more than 2,000 of Damien Hirst’s ‘Spin Paintings’ to upscale the artwork to a resolution of 16K, allowing the artwork to maintain intricate details and structure at a larger size.

Damien Hirst spin the beautiful paintings
Damien Hirst with one of The Beautiful Paintings
Photograph: Prudence Cuming Associates

What was the inspiration for the The Beautiful Paintings?

'The Beautiful Paintings' are, as the title suggests, a celebration of beauty in its purest form. Damien Hirst's inspiration for this series draws from the deep well of art history and his unwavering fascination with the aesthetics of the world. Beauty, in Hirst's perspective, is an intrinsic part of the human experience and has been a driving force in artistic creation for centuries.


The series delves into the classical ideals of beauty, offering a contemporary reinterpretation of timeless themes. Each painting is an exploration of colour theory, composition, and the interplay of light and shadow. Damien Hirst's inspiration also stems from his reflection on the turbulent times in which we live. In the face of adversity and uncertainty, he sought solace and hope in the eternal beauty of art.

'The Beautiful Paintings' exude a sense of tranquillity and serenity. They invite viewers to contemplate the fleeting nature of beauty and the respite it can provide in a world marked by chaos. Hirst's intention is to remind us of the enduring power of art to transcend the mundane and elevate the spirit.


The series is a testimony to the enduring allure of beauty and the capacity of art to captivate and heal the human soul. Damien Hirst's exploration of traditional painting serves as a poignant reminder of the art world's eternal quest to define and redefine beauty in all its forms.

The Impact of The Beautiful Paintings

Hirst's 'The Beautiful Paintings' mark a pivotal moment in contemporary art. They challenge the conventions of what Damien Hirst's work should be and defy the expectations that have been imposed on him throughout his career. This series is a testament to his unwavering commitment to artistic experimentation and reinvention.

The introduction of traditional painting techniques to Hirst's oeuvre is a bold and transformative act, one that opens new avenues of exploration for both the artist and the art world. It shows that the definition of contemporary art is not rigid but evolving, allowing established artists to break free from their own conventions and evolve their craft. The release of this series, its traditional creation process, and the deep inspiration behind it are a testament to Damien Hirst's ceaseless exploration of the art world's boundaries.


Moreover, 'The Beautiful Paintings' invite viewers to engage with contemporary art in a fresh and accessible manner. The series serves as a bridge between traditional and contemporary art, making Damien Hirst's work more relatable and comprehensible to a wider audience. The beauty and elegance of these pieces offer an entry point for those who may have found Hirst's previous works more challenging to grasp.

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Collecting Damien Hirst Prints

Collecting Damien Hirst prints is an opportunity to own a piece of contemporary art history. Hirst's prints, often featuring his iconic 'Spot' motifs or other distinctive imagery, are highly sought after by collectors worldwide. Their appeal lies in their accessibility compared to his more expensive original works. The market for Damien Hirst prints has seen steady appreciation over the years, making them both a compelling addition to art collections and a potential investment. As with any art market, factors such as edition size, condition, and provenance play a crucial role in determining a print's value. Engaging with reputable galleries, auction houses, and art advisors can help collectors navigate the market and make informed decisions about their acquisitions.

'The Beautiful Paintings' are more than just artworks; they reflect the human spirit's capacity to find solace and inspiration in the enduring beauty of the world. Damien Hirst's series invites us to embark on a journey of introspection and contemplation, making a powerful case for the relevance of beauty in the modern age.

In an ever-evolving art world, Damien Hirst's 'The Beautiful Paintings' stand as a testament to the enduring quest for beauty and its capacity to transcend time, space, and artistic medium. This series serves as a shining example of how art can not only reflect the world but also challenge and redefine it.

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