Damien Hirst, H13-3 Kynance Cove (from Where the Land Meets the Sea), 2023

'Where the Land Meets the Sea' Damien Hirst Prints

Written by: Rebecca Bury



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What is "Where the Land Meets The Sea?

Damien Hirst's latest print series, 'Where The Land Meets The Sea' (2023), invites art enthusiasts on a mesmerising journey through the artist's emotional connection with British coastlines, intertwining contemporary perspectives with echoes of art history. Drawing inspiration from Robert Motherwell's Beside The Sea paintings, Hirst masterfully employs colour and technique to convey the raw power of the ocean, resulting in a series that is both visually striking and emotionally charged.

Damien Hirst H13 Prints

The series unfolds in three distinct parts—Coast Paintings, Sea Paintings, and Seascapes—each offering a unique perspective on the ocean. 


In the Coast Painting, H13-3 Kynance Cove, Hirst breathes life into a seemingly plain canvas with vibrant pink hues, capturing the energy of the winter season and infusing the artwork with a sense of renewal. Transitioning to the Sea Paintings, H13-9 Colliding presents a stark contrast with its black-and-white depiction of a coastal storm. This piece immerses viewers in the tumultuous nature of the sea's terror that characterizes the ever-changing seascape. The Seascapes section introduces H13-12 Doldrums, a masterful blend of photorealism and expressionism. This piece showcases Hirst's ability to seamlessly merge various influences, offering a glimpse into his innovative approach that transcends traditional boundaries. Doldrums becomes a microcosm of the entire collection, encapsulating chaos and control, abstraction and realism.

The meaning behind Damien Hirst's H13 Prints

Hirst's 'Where The Land Meets The Sea' goes beyond technical mastery and aesthetic innovation. It serves as a poignant reflection on our relationship with the environment, particularly the seascape. In an era where environmental awareness is crucial, the series adds a layer of complexity, emphasising Hirst's role as an artist who not only captures visual landscapes but also delves into the emotional and societal dimensions of his subjects.


The H13 prints showcase Hirst's technical brilliance, combining elements of photorealism and abstraction. The interplay of colour, texture, and form within each print exemplifies Hirst's innovative approach, pushing the boundaries of traditional representation and creating artworks that resonate with contemporary sensibilities.

The collection resonates on an emotional level, offering a profound commentary on our interconnectedness with nature. This underlying theme elevates the series beyond mere visual representation, positioning Hirst as an artist who navigates the intricate terrains of human emotion and societal reflection.

Collecting Damien Hirst's H13 prints from the 'Where the Land Meets The Sea' series is an immersive journey into the heart of nature and artistic expression. Each print becomes a tangible connection to Hirst's exploration of the coastal landscapes, inviting collectors to not only appreciate the beauty of the sea but to own a piece of Hirst's vision, forever frozen in time.