Banksy Mickey Mouse Ronald Mcdonald Mural

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An anonymous icon.

Banksy Ukrainian Mural Gas Mask

Using art as a weapon

Political Activist.

Banksy Girl With Heart Balloon Mural

Renowned worldwide.

International Street Artist.

Banksy, Sale Ends (v2), 2017 For Sale - Lougher Contemporary

b. 1974


Perhaps the most famous figure in street art working today, Banksy is known for urban interventions that demonstrate irreverent wit and a biting political edge. Enhancing his mystique by maintaining an anonymous identity, the artist has modified street signs, illegally printed his own currency, and illicitly hung his own work in the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art. He often uses spray paint and stencils in his critiques of consumerism, political authority, terrorism, and the status of art and its display. His street art, installations, and studio-produced works have been shown in Los Angeles, New York, London, Bethlehem, and beyond. His art has been subject to widespread interest on the secondary market and has fetched eight figures at auction.


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The art world’s agent provocateur in chief, Banksy, has gone from Bristol-based graffiti writer to international Street Art sensation. The artist’s personal biography is relatively unknown and the question still remains, who is Banksy? Despite Banksy's anonymity, his subversive works have acted as a mouthpiece for the artist's stance on social issues, boosting him to the top of the Urban Art scene.

Inspired by the French graffiti artist, Blek le Rat (real name Xavier Prou), Banksy’s art is both simple and evocative, poking fun through their satirical content. Banksy is well-known for using public buildings to stage his works, but it is his infamous stunts have further cemented him as a household name.

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