International Logistics

International Logistics: How We Can Help

In the ever-evolving art market, one factor that often stands between collectors and buyers is the logistical challenge of transporting valuable artworks across international borders. At Lougher Contemporary we pride ourselves on our exceptional international logistics capabilities and competitive rates.


Transporting artworks internationally is a complex process even for someone who has an art collection and consigned art before. You shouldn’t feel held back in buying art because of the location of it, however we understand that getting these works shipped can be a hassle and often expensive. By scoping out local packing and shipping companies with the most competitive rates and best customer service, we can take that stress away from you.


Considerations to have in mind before shipping an artwork:


Customs Regulations: Different countries have varying customs regulations, import/export restrictions, and documentation requirements for artworks. Navigating these regulations can be challenging, and non-compliance can lead to delays/charges or having the work confiscated. Precise and accurate documentation is vital, and any discrepancies between the artwork's description and the documents can lead to complications.


Valuation and Insurance: Determining the accurate value of the artwork for customs, insurance, and import duties can be tricky, especially for unique or valuable pieces. Incorrect valuation can lead to issues with customs or inadequate insurance coverage.


Packaging and Crating: Properly packaging and crating artworks to ensure they arrive undamaged is a complex task. Fragile or large pieces may require custom-built crates, specialised materials, and expert handling. Art handling requires expertise. Loading, unloading, and installing artwork should be done by skilled professionals to avoid damage.


Communication: Coordinating with various parties, including galleries, shippers, and customs officials, to ensure a smooth process can be challenging, especially in international contexts.


Transportation Time: The time it takes to transport artworks internationally can vary widely. Delays in packing, customs, or logistical circumstances out of your control can extend transit times.


We can help navigate these challenges, ensure compliance with regulations, and protect the artwork during transit. Additionally, research and experience are crucial to understanding the intricacies of the art shipping process.


Why choose Lougher?


Proven Track Record:

Our team have specific knowledge of the art world's unique requirements, ensuring that your artwork arrives safely and on time, every time. Due to the value, fragility and significance of your artwork there is a lot to consider; customs documentation, import restrictions, valuation, packaging and crating, insurance. It is always recommended to work with professionals experienced in fine art logistics when transporting works. With years of experience and a dedicated team, LC has successfully navigated the complex world of customs regulations, import/export laws, and transportation routes to safely deliver art to destinations all around the globe.


In house Art Handler:

At Lougher Contemporary, we understand that the right environment can make all the difference in preserving artworks during transit. Our brilliant art handler, Fay, will ensure that your artworks are packed accordingly and safe for transit.


Customised Solutions:

No two artworks are the same, and neither are their logistical requirements. Lougher Contemporary specialises in crafting tailored solutions for each consignment. Whether it's a small sculpture or a framed print, we employ a personalised approach to guarantee the safety and security of your art.


Worldwide Network:

In today's global art market, an expansive network of contacts and partners is essential. Lougher Contemporary has built solid relationships with a network of specific art packers and shippers. These connections accelerate the process, reducing lead times and ensuring that your artwork reaches its destination efficiently. We have many relationships within the UK when we feel that your work requires that extra touch, whether that be crating, or a bespoke box.


Competitive Rates:

For artists and collectors, the financial aspect of transporting artworks can be significant. Lougher Contemporary understands the importance of offering competitive rates while maintaining a high standard of service. Our commitment to cost-effectiveness ensures that consignors have more resources to invest in their art, and collectors receive a better overall experience.


Sustainable Practices:

In today's eco-conscious world, sustainability is always a key consideration in logistics. Lougher Contemporary is committed to environmentally responsible practices, from Eco-friendly packing materials to efficient transportation routes that minimize the carbon footprint. Along with this we re-use custom-built crates for art transportation. These crates can be used for multiple shipments, reducing waste. Wherever possible we use local art transportation to the artwork’s location. Many shipping companies such as DHL offer Eco-friendly transportation which when presented with, we will always choose, ensuring that the vehicles used are fuel-efficient and will help to reduce their carbon footprint.


The art world can be a stressful place, with consignors and collectors alike concerned about the safety and timely arrival of their artworks. Lougher Contemporary's comprehensive logistics services provide peace of mind, from start to finish.

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