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Keith Haring's Most Famous Works: Murals, Paintings, Prints, and Posters

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Keith Haring's Artistic Style

Keith Haring's artistic style is instantly recognisable and deeply influential. Characterised by bold lines, vivid colours, and energetic compositions, Haring's work is filled with iconic symbols and motifs that communicate messages of love, unity, and social justice. His artistic language was inspired by his studies of semiotics, creating a pictorial language that was both personal and universally accessible. His early works in the New York City subway system brought art to the public in an unprecedented way, featuring his signature "barking dogs" and "radiant babies" that became familiar to commuters.

Iconic Works

Keith Haring's Barking Dog

One of Haring's most iconic symbols, the barking dog, first appeared in his subway drawings in 1980. This motif acted as a critique of the abuse of power, subverting the traditional symbolism of dogs as loyal and obedient companions. Instead, Haring's barking dog urged viewers to question those who hold authority and "bark" the loudest.


Keith Haring Barking Dog

The Radiant Baby

The radiant baby is another central motif in Haring's work, symbolising innocence and purity. Emerging in the 1980s, the radiant baby often appeared in his early subway drawings and later in more complex scenes addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis. This motif reflects Haring's belief in the inherent goodness of humanity and the potential for positive change.


Keith Haring Radiant Baby

The Dancing Figures

The dancing figures are perhaps Haring's most joyful and dynamic motif. Reflecting the energy of the New York club scene, particularly the gay scene of the '70s and '80s, these figures exude freedom and ecstasy. Their radiating lines symbolise movement and vitality, often appearing in multiples to signify solidarity and community.

Keith Haring Dancing Figures

The Globe

The globe is a powerful symbol of peace and unity in Haring's work. Frequently depicted alongside other motifs such as the heart or dancing figures, the globe represents Haring's belief in collaboration and positivity. It often appears with radiating lines or supported by hands, emphasizing the interconnectedness of humanity.


Keith Haring Globe Artwork

The Heart

Haring's heart motif is frequently seen in his work, often accompanied by dancing figures. This symbol of love and optimism is versatile, representing romantic love when depicted between couples and broader themes of community and compassion when held aloft by multiple figures or paired with a globe.


Keith Haring Heart Mural

Collecting Keith Haring Artworks at Lougher Contemporary

For collectors and admirers of Keith Haring's work, Lougher Contemporary offers a selection of his iconic pieces. From vibrant prints to rare posters, owning a piece of Haring's legacy allows collectors to be part of the ongoing celebration of his art. His works not only serve as decorative pieces but also as powerful statements reflecting the social and cultural issues of his time.

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