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We make selling art as simple as possible.

We help collectors exit their current investments and achieve their dreams, whether by freeing up cash for another purchase or reinvesting in something bigger and better.

Lougher Contemporary works differently to most secondary market art galleries and dealers. Putting our clients at the heart of what we do, we work closely with you, not only selling your artwork, but offering a bespoke and highly tailored advisory service to support you with your collecting.

Tell us which artworks you want to sell and we’ll help with the rest.

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Experience and transparency


Some artworks require sensitivity – we can achieve sales privately and we never disclose edition numbers without your permission.

Worldwide exposure

We are connected to a huge global network of art collectors, and we know how to market your artworks to the right people.

Protection from risk

Your artwork stays with you until the point of sale and we have worldwide insurance in place to cover your artworks for loss or damage.

No hassle

Our experienced team support you every step of the way. We manage all logistics from collection to safe delivery and pay promptly upon completion.

Honest advice

We know the editions market inside out and we want what’s best for you and your investment, so if it’s not the right time to sell, we’ll tell you.

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Which works does Lougher Contemporary accept?
How long does it take to receive a valuation?
How do you make a valuation?
What’s your commission?
What are your Terms and Conditions?
Will my edition number be kept confidential?
What happens when my artwork goes live?
What happens when my artwork sells?
Who pays for the shipping costs?

We specialise in editions by leading contemporary artists and have built up a significant client base in this niche of the market. If you are based outside the UK, we will advise whether we can support you with the sale of your artwork.

We only accept artworks on consignment with a sale price of £5,000 or more. If your artwork sits under the £5,000 threshold but is on-brand, it’s worth telling us – we may consider buying it into stock.

Once you have submitted your enquiry, our consignments team will be in contact within 5 working days.

Once we have an accurate idea of your artwork’s condition and location, we will discuss pricing with you, using our knowledge of the market and specialist tools to estimate market value. We will advise you on how best to price your artwork, taking into consideration factors such as condition of the artwork, how keen you are to sell and the current market for that artist’s work.

It’s completely free to consign with us, and we take a commission at the point of sale depending on the achieved artwork price. Once you’ve told us about the artwork you’d like to sell, we will agree:

- a net sale price – the indicative amount received from the buyer, excluding shipping
- a target net – the ideal amount you wish to net from the sale (sale price minus our commission)
- a lowest accepted net – the lowest net you would be willing to receive in the event of a sale

We will always try to achieve your target net, but it is good for us to know what wiggle room we have to play with when negotiating with buyers.

Once we have agreed pricing, we will send you our Terms of Consignment and an Artwork Form summarising the artwork details. Once these are signed and submitted, we will move forward with marketing and making a sale!

We understand that sometimes collectors want a discreet sale. We will never disclose your edition numbers without your permission and, if necessary, we won’t market the work publicly.

We receive a high number of enquiries via our online platforms and, unless we’ve agreed otherwise, our sales team will pitch out new consignments to targeted clients. If a buyer makes an offer below asking price, we will share this with you, and then it’s up to you how we proceed.

Once you’ve agreed to the sale, we will invoice our buyer. Once we have received payment, we will manage the safe transportation of your artwork to its new buyer. From the point of collection to the point of payment to you, we take full responsibility for the artwork. Once the buyer has received the artwork safely, we make payment to you.

Typically, we will arrange the packing and shipping for you – the cost is covered by the buyer or by us. We have strong relationships with art logistics specialists and have an experienced in-house team who can condition-check and pack your artwork with confidence.


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Great experience as a seller. Having recently sold a Banksy print through Lougher Contemporary, I wholeheartedly recommend them if you're looking to consign. Communications were helpful and friendly, and the transaction was smooth. Thanks a lot!

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by Mike Brown

Buying and Selling experiences at their best. I have been able to work as both a seller and buyer with the Lougher Contemporary team and can only recommend their services. My experience up to now has been much better than I could have expect. The Lougher Contemporary team is extremely professional, meticulous, friendly and responsive – with the aim to always satisfy both parties (buyer and seller) at their best advantages. Additionally, the speed of sales occurrence makes a big difference.

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by Jean Adlersson

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