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Who is Grayson Perry?

Grayson Perry Artist

So, who is Grayson Perry?

Grayson Perry, a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, is renowned for his thought-provoking works that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern social commentary. Born in Chelmsford, Essex, in 1960, Perry's upbringing in a working-class family deeply influences his art. He currently lives in London, where he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Grayson Perry's Art Style

Perry draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including art history, politics, and his own personal experiences. His artistic style is characterised by bold colours, intricate patterns, and a keen attention to detail. Grayson Perry's alter ego, Claire, serves as a fascinating exploration of gender identity and societal norms within his artistic practice. Through Claire, Perry challenges traditional notions of masculinity and femininity, blurring the boundaries between the two. Claire often appears in Perry's work as a way to convey different perspectives and narratives, adding depth and complexity to his art. Whether through ceramics, tapestries, or performances, Claire offers Perry a means of exploring his own identity while also sparking conversations about broader social issues. This duality of personas enriches Perry's artistic expression, inviting viewers to contemplate the fluidity of gender and the complexities of human identity.


Grayson Perry Clair


“I just love dressing up in everything a man is supposed not to be, in all that vulnerability, sweetness, preciousness and impracticality.”

Grayson Perry's many mediums: Vases, Urns, Maps, Tapestries

One of Perry's most iconic creations is his ceramic vases and urns, which often feature whimsical designs and poignant messages, while his tapestries offer a contemporary take on storytelling. Grayson Perry's ceramic works, including his pots, urns, and vases, are iconic symbols of his artistic vision and social commentary. Each piece is meticulously crafted and adorned with intricate designs that draw viewers into a world of satire, humour, and introspection. Through his ceramics, Perry explores a wide range of themes, from identity and class to politics and contemporary culture. His pots, often featuring whimsical imagery and tongue-in-cheek slogans, challenge societal norms and offer a provocative commentary on modern life. Perry's urns delve into themes of mortality and legacy, while his vases serve as vessels for storytelling, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities. Together, Perry's ceramic works form a rich tapestry of narratives that invite viewers to reflect on their own identities and the world around them.

In addition to ceramics and sculpture, Perry is known for his intricate maps that chart the complexities of modern life. These maps serve as both artistic creations and social critiques, highlighting issues such as class, identity, and consumerism.


Grayson Perry Vase

Grayson Perry in exhibition, and 'Smash Hits' in Edinburgh

Recent exhibitions across the UK have showcased Perry's diverse body of work, from his ceramics to his tapestries. Grayson Perry's 2023 exhibition in Edinburgh, titled "Smash Hits," captivated audiences with its vibrant and thought-provoking display of the artist's eclectic works. Held at the prestigious Edinburgh Art Festival, "Smash Hits" showcased Perry's signature ceramic vases adorned with intricate designs and poignant messages, offering a unique commentary on contemporary life. The exhibition also featured a diverse range of artworks, including tapestries, sculptures, and prints, all exploring themes of identity, society, and culture. Perry's immersive installations encouraged viewer participation and dialogue, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. "Smash Hits" further solidified Perry's reputation as a ground-breaking artist unafraid to challenge conventions and push boundaries.


Grayson Perry Prints and Art for Sale

His prints, which often feature reimagined versions of his iconic motifs, have also gained popularity in the art world. The secondary market for Perry's work is robust, with collectors eagerly seeking out pieces to add to their collections. If you’re looking for Grayson Perry artworks for sale, Lougher is here to help you find the perfect piece. Take a look at our current availability or get in touch with our sourcing team.

In conclusion, Grayson Perry's artistic legacy is characterised by his fearless exploration of identity, society, and culture. Through his ceramics, vases, urns, motorbikes, tapestries, maps, and prints, Perry continues to challenge and inspire audiences around the world.

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