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Mr Doodle

Welcome to Lougher Contemporary's collection of Mr Doodle artworks. Step into the whimsical and imaginative world of Mr Doodle, an artist known for his intricate and playful doodle creations. Explore a captivating range of pieces featuring his signature style, characterised by an explosion of bold lines, characters, and patterns. From large-scale murals to limited edition prints, each artwork showcases Mr Doodle's boundless creativity and attention to detail. Whether you're a fan of street art, contemporary art, or simply love the joy and energy of doodling, this collection offers a delightful visual experience. Discover and acquire extraordinary pieces at Lougher Contemporary that will bring a vibrant and dynamic touch to your art collection.


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Damien HirstDamien Hirst | The Paper Veils | Lougher Contemporary

Damien Hirst - The Paper Veils

Hirst's "Veil" series, including the "Paper Veils," represents a significant evolution in his artistic practice. This series is deeply rooted in his exploration of colour and abstraction, reminisce...

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Unveiling King Charles III: Jonathan Yeo's Royal Portrait

Buckingham Palace recently witnessed the unveiling of King Charles III's long-awaited royal portrait, masterfully crafted by acclaimed artist Jonathan Yeo. The first portrait since his coronation, ...

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Nicolas Party is Relishing the Transportive Power of Art

Trained at the Glasgow School of Art, Party's journey to fame began with his unique approach to art-making and his distinct artistic style. Influenced by surrealism and abstraction, Party's artwork...