Top Things to Look for When Collecting Banksy Prints

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Banksy, the enigmatic street artist whose thought-provoking creations have captured the imagination of the world, remains one of the most sought-after names in the contemporary art scene. For art enthusiasts and collectors, owning a Banksy art print is a dream come true, but with the increasing popularity, it's essential to be vigilant when acquiring these prized pieces. In this blog post, we'll explore the top things to look for when collecting Banksy art prints, ensuring you make informed and valuable additions to your art collection.


Authenticity: The first and foremost consideration when acquiring Banksy art prints is their authenticity. Due to the artist's elusive identity and unauthorised nature of street art, a plethora of counterfeit prints have flooded the market. To avoid disappointment, purchase from reputable art dealers or galleries that either provide a Pest Control-issued Certificate of Authenticity (COA), or in the absence of one, a guarantee of authenticity and a right to return if a COA is denied by Pest Control in the future. It is important to note that Pest Control do not issue COAs for street works, gift prints or open editions.

Limited Editions: Banksy often releases his art prints in limited editions, making them more desirable among collectors. These limited runs enhance the value of the artwork and represent exclusivity. When collecting Banksy prints, make sure the edition number matches the number stated on the Pest Control COA, if issued. Whilst the image has the biggest impact on market value, signed prints command a premium over an unsigned edition, and typically the lower the edition size of a print, the higher the value. Artists Proofs, Printers Proofs, and VIPs editions are normally more sought after, limited in volume and therefore more expensive to buy.

Condition and Quality: The condition of the art print is a crucial factor in determining its value. If you have the option to inspect the print in person, we recommend doing so - otherwise request high resolution images from the seller. Check carefully for any signs of damage, fading or discolouration as the latter is quite common for older prints, and note for certain Banksy prints, such as the iconic Girl with Balloon, it is in most instances, irreversible.

Research the Artwork: Take the time to research the Banksy print you intend to collect. Familiarise yourself with the history and significance of the artwork, as well as its relevance to Banksy's overall body of work. Understanding the context and meaning behind the piece adds depth to your collection. There are more than 40 Banksy print editions in the market so plenty to choose from!

Market Value: While collecting art should primarily be about passion and appreciation, understanding the market value of Banksy art prints can help you make informed decisions. Follow auction results and consult with art experts to gauge the approximate value of the print you wish to add to your collection, do your due diligence on condition and price, and then engage a gallery you have confidence in to start the buying process.


Collecting Banksy art prints is an exciting journey that allows you to own a piece of modern artistic history. To ensure a rewarding and authentic experience, prioritise the authenticity and condition of the print you choose to collect, and buy from a reputable dealer who is knowledgeable about the market. By keeping these top considerations in mind, you can confidently navigate the art market and build a remarkable collection of Banksy's thought-provoking and iconic prints. Happy collecting!

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